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Alpacas eating their veggies
Alpacas eating their veggies

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Canadian Comfort Alpacas in the heart of Niagara, Ontario is expanding once again. The beautifully manicured farm contains the retail store, Shear Comfort that is now open for business, CCA is home to over one hundred and forty registered alpacas, and the Comforts have extended their sire line to include some of the best bloodstock in Canada. Leslie and Bob Comfort are very proud to include four new fabulous herd sires to complement their already outstanding breeding operation. After months of research Leslie has purchased Peruvian Pistachio, Peruvian Accoyo Camilio Jr., HA Desert Commander and RGA Othello. These boys join Peruvian Condor and make Leslie’s stud line one of Canada’s finest.. Condor is one of Accoyo Peruvian Caligula’s most prized offspring. Caligula’s progeny have succeeded in all competition classes in the biggest shows throughout North America. His offspring have collectively won 17 championships in the largest shows in the United States. Condor’s magnificent conformation, dense full coverage, regal presence and increasingly limited bloodlines makes this stud a great choice to sire offspring. He has consistently proven to produce young with the same wonderful qualities again and again.

Peruvian Pistachio is a son of Ppperuvian El Moustachio a full Accoyo who has sired many champions. Like comes from like and Peruvian Pistachio carries on his father’s tradition and has sired champions of his own. He is a large dense boned alpaca with a fine handling uniform fleece. He is one of the very few colored Accoyo/Alianza males in Canada, sporting an impressive coat.

Peruvian Accoyo Camilio Jr. is one hundred percent Peruvian Dual Registered and a full Accoyo. Son of Accoyo Camilio a full accoyo male and sire of numerous grand champions, Camilio Jr. takes after his father with a proud handsome presence, heavy bone and perfect conformation. He has super dense apricot fleece with uniform crimp throughout. He has a calm gentle nature and is a pleasure to work with.

HA Desert Commander is a full Peruvian Dual Registered herdsire. He is a solid boned, perfectly correct male with presence and a beautiful countenance. He has abundant coverage and his fibre exhibits pencil locking, bold crimp, luster and a very fine handle. His grandsire, Victor Vaccoyo is a full Accoyo macho who has transmitted his phenomenal fleece characteristic of deep bold crimp and extreme density to his son. Victor is a renowned sire of show ring champions. He has produced crias in twenty two natural colors. With this strong background, Commander’s bred females should be expecting some beautiful and exciting cria for 2008.

To keep all this bounty on the hoof well and producing this wonderful fibre, Leslie and Bob have a specialized feed program to do just that. Working with nature, Bob has learned to nurture the soil and grow healthier grains while reducing the use of pesticides, herbicides and conventional fertilizers. He has replaced the chemicals with organic alternatives and uses only non genetically modified grains home grown by Comfort Feeds. This feed contains salt, kelp, diatomaceous earth, garlic, black earth, vitamins and minerals along with their custom grains. As well, the animals have constant access to free choice kelp, salt and organic minerals. Leslie feels this not only enhances the health of the herd, but grows a more luxurious fibre. The production of this fibre all comes together at Shear Comfort, the retail outlet at Pineview Farm, the home of the herd. Shear Comfort offers pure alpaca fibre and apparel. Lovely articles such as coats, capes and sweaters in natural colors from grey, black and brown to neutral, can be found in Leslie’s inventory. She has both wool and alpaca in rovings, ready for spinning, along with processed fibre, waiting for a pattern and a knitter to make this luxurious fibre, into something extra ordinary to wear. Throughout the summer and fall, Shear Comfort is offering courses in Triangular Loom Weaving. With enough interest, Leslie will develop spinning and knitting classes in the fall and winter as well. Pineview Farm, home to Canadian Comfort Alpacas, deep in the picturesque wine country of Niagara is a striking place to visit and explore the opportunities offered in the bloodstock that call it home. Leslie has numerous alpacas for sale, has some of Canada’s finest studs from which to choose a herdsire, and a comfortable place for clients to stay and source out this investment. The farm has lay-over capabilities for traveling alpacas, and their business partners. The farm staff have the skill and knowledge to care for a single female, or a herd of girls in for breeding. With miles of fenced paddocks, cool, natural pine shelters, the animal care is as close to nature as possible. Under the observant eye of Leslie and her staff, these treasured animals are cared for with Mother Nature’s best intentions in mind. With an appointment made by phone 905 562-4252 or email, Leslie will be only too glad to set up an appointment for prospective clients to view the farm and take an informative tour of the premises. A fine walk on a summers day, a nice meal in a lovely home complement business plans and make your investment strategies pleasant and unrushed. Canadian Comfort Alpacas has the expertise to make your venture in the alpaca industry, worthwhile and rewarding.

Leslie and Bob have been farmers, collectively for over forty-five years. Bob, along with his family, cash crop 1300 acres and raise beef cattle. Leslie was involved in the equine industry, breeding and raising Canadian horses. Canadian horses are a light draft and Canada's national breed.  In 2003 Leslie made a very good trade and acquired 37 registered alpacas for 6 registered Canadian horses. From that point on, a career change took place and Canadian Comfort Alpacas took off running.
The herd has expanded to 140 registered animals including 115 breeding females.


While the cows are bellowing and the horses neighing and the sheep screaming for their dinner... you can often find Leslie with her gently humming alpacas both apparently happy with life.