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The animal is easy to keep, has a quiet gentle nature, tends to be disease free and has a fabulous fleece that is lighter and warmer than wool. Both Bob and Leslie are very interested in working with nature and have produced a feed program with that in mind.   Bob has learned to nurture the soil and grow healthier grains with reduced use of pesticides and conventional fertilizers. He has replaced the chemicals with organic alternatives and uses only non genetically modified grains. The alpacas receive free choice kelp and minerals along with the custom grains grown by Bob. Leslie feels this enhances, not only the health of the animals, but grows a more luxurious fibre. Producing one of the most sought after specialty fibres, international demand exceeds the supply. Because of this demand, breeding alpacas has a sizeable profit potential. Not only is the fibre, and products produced from the fibre, a sustainable revenue, but the sale of offspring brings substantial income to the farmer as well.

  • Alpacas are clean and intelligent. They make outstanding fibre producers, pets and companions.

  • Indigenous to the High Andes regions of the South American countries of Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

  • Classified as livestock, alpacas are quiet, peaceful animals that are easy to raise

  • Extremely hardy, they adapt to most climates, elevations and conditions

  • Alpaca fibre is 6 times warmer than lambs wool

  • They can be handled by anyone and are safe around children. They very rarely spit at people - usually only when mistreated.

  • Alpacas fit in and get along with goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, cats and family dogs.

  • Adults weigh an average of 125 to 175 pounds and live 20-25 years.

  • They require little space - 1/8 of an acre is fine for an alpaca and 4 foot field fence makes a sufficient enclosure.

  • Alpacas eat less than 2 pounds of hay per day and require no special diets.

  • Alpaca are usually first bred 12 - 18 months of age. Their gestation period averages 11.5 months.

  • Alpacas make cleaning the corral an easy task, as the 'go' in only a few spots.

  • Alpaca droppings are practically odorless, are low in nitrogen and are excellent for enriching soil.

  • Alpacas are easily transported in a pick-up, van or trailer. They usually lie down in transit.

  • Alpaca shows and competitions can promote a single alpaca or an entire herd..

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